This Is How You Should Handle Your Periods


Every month, women go through a period that makes them regret being female. There’s a reason there is so much hatred and fear about periods among women. It’s a problem for the body and mind. The hormones in our bodies are constantly changing, and this is why so many women suffer from major mood swings. Stress during periods can lead to serious mental health problems, which tells a lot more about how women experience periods.

But, just because your periods are cruel to you doesn’t mean they will be to you! The hormones are at a high point, which can make us feel more sexually stimulated than we normally would. But we resist the temptation because it is not good for our bodies. That is an opinion that has been shared by many, but we don’t believe it. That is not true. Here are five reasons that period sex is good.

It might cause a lot of mess, so it is a reason to be cautious when having period sex. You can use towels to wipe up blood afterward, or you can use a tampon for soaking up most of it beforehand. You can also try tilting your bucket. It won’t take much blood if there’s enough sexual lubricant and you’re careful. If you are afraid to ask, there are many amazing Indian dildos available for women on this website:

During this period, our bodies become a mess. Feeling bloated and tired is not a good feeling. You can’t tell your body what to feel. Your mind can tell your body. It’s all in your head this time. It will make you feel much more confident, and even more attractive if your self-doubt is overcome.

Orgasm hormones can relax. They can also reduce period cramps by relaxing your uterus’ walls. If you buy large dildos online, you’ll be even more comfortable. Did we not say that it was actually healthy?

Orgasms are a way to relax the walls of the uterus and make it shed the blood lining more quickly than it would otherwise. This decreases your period duration, which can be a great thing while you are menstruating.

In a relationship? Have sex on your period. We recommend using lots and lots of lube as well as good sex toys like Dildos. This website is a good source for these sex toys: Do not be afraid to experiment with new things with your partner. Try new things together with the person you love. You’ll feel fantastic afterward!