Handset Unveiled – Introducing the V21

Equipped with excellent specifications and impressive features, the Vivo V21iis an ideal choice which is readily available at an affordable rate of Rs 28,900. The phone provides a slip free grip due to which it is extremely convenient to carry and is extremely light in weight. It comes with a 5 megapixel camera on the rear side which allows you to take good pictures. The resolution of the camera is Adreno styled and this gives it the ability to deliver clear and crisp images.

The V21i is equipped with a quad-core processor that works efficiently to ensure quick and error free performance. It is powered by an Adreno type Pro M CPU which supports the operation of the Android operating system and comes with a large 5 mega-pixel camera with wide angled lenses. The smartphone comes with a powerful MediaTek MTKroller processors that support the operation of most multimedia applications such as HD & Flash video. It also comes with octa-core mediatek dimensity 800u processor that works flawlessly for capturing high quality videos and photos.

When you buy vivo v 21i, you are provided with a stunningly beautiful design that has all the functions you expect from a top end smartphone. The compact body of the gadget is complemented perfectly by its symmetrical curved edges. The dual metal curved screen with the textured back gives it the ability to fit perfectly into your hand enabling users to enjoy the device. It has a high density pixel display with the LED technologies giving it excellent brightness and clarity.

The connectivity options of the device are very well documented and include 3G networking which is provided by the simfree network operators such as Orange, O2 and T-Mobile. You can also acquire international calling facilities using the Data via Micro SD feature which is supported by almost all of the international SIM cards in the market. The OBB miniPC port is also present allowing you to connect your smartphone to the PC with the help of a USB cable.

A rear camera setup is provided which supports Google’s ecosystem called Android Kit Kat which is used to run the operating system of the smartphone. V21 The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc will allow you to upload images and videos directly from the phone to the PC using the USB cable. There is an internal memory which is expandable according to the storage capacities of your phone. The vivo v 21i also offers support for the USB fast charging that can be used to boost up the performance of the handset even when it is running on the battery.

The high performance smartphone is powered by the quad-core Mediatek processor which enables smooth and speedy performance. It has two gigabytes of RAM which ensures smooth multitasking on the fly. The vivo v 21i has a six inch screen which can accommodate the touch screen applications and several widgets which provide the users with a customized user interface. Apart from the multi functional display, the Android operating system has been loaded into the gadget via the USB driver software. To enjoy all these features you need to buy theobile which is compatible with the handset.